Top Reasons to Give Blankets

  • Oct 3, 2019

It's time to get comfortable with these cozy and creative promos. Blankets are full of benefits your customers will love.

  1. High Perceived Value
    Every client wants promos that look expensive and blankets boast a high-end feel, even in budget-friendly styles. Whether you choose the highest-tier wool blankets or cost-effective fleece throws, recipients will be impressed when they receive such valuable gifts for free. Not only will this make consumers more likely to engage with you, it will also help you stand out as a in their minds for a long time to come.
  2. Longevity
    Forget about promos that are used once and thrown away. Blankets have an incredible cost-per-impression that they'll be looking at for years and years. Don't believe us? Think back to your childhood home: We're willing to bet there are still blankets from your youth draped over your couch, and that they're just as beloved as when you were a kid.  Your brand name could be on those blankets, creating an emotional attachment between your company and target consumers over time.
  3. Usefulness
    While blankets look and feel great, it's their usefulness that makes them truly outstanding. Promos that serve a purpose are kept longer – the 2019 Global Ad Impressions Study, which found that utility is the second greatest reason (after quality) that recipients hold on to promos. Blankets fulfill this need flawlessly – they're designed to keep end-users warm and comfortable at home. As anyone who's had that fall and winter chill creep into their homes knows, it pays to keep blankets around, and those of the branded variety are no exception.
  4. Gift-Giving
    If you are looking for end-of-year gifts and incentives, you'll find much to love about blankets and throws. These high-end and high-quality products are major crowd pleasures for holiday presents. Why? They're popular gifts in the retail space, too. Recipients won't feel like they're getting just another office item imprinted with their company's name. Instead, they'll recognize that they were given a real present meant to reward them, improving their attitudes about work and the effectiveness of the gifts themselves.
  5. Mass Appeal
    Finding the right promos for your clients can be hard, but blankets make it easy. Everyone needs blankets at home, whether to throw across the couch in case of chilly nights or to curl up with a good book. No matter what age or background a person comes from, they'll appreciate receiving a soft and snuggly blanket, making this a one-size-fits-all advertising solution.
  6. Decoration Options
    Last but not least, let's talk decoration: You'll be hard-pressed to find promos with a larger imprint area than blankets. Think about these giant branding tools like warm and cozy billboards – after all, they're almost as big, but way cuddlier. Supersized imprints not your thing? That's OK! Blankets offers embroidery, sublimation, lasered patches and direct lasering as well. No matter what your style, logo or price point is, they'll have a method to match.

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