About 4Z Design, Marketing, & Printing 

Our deliverables may be straightforward, but our approach is thorough and our philosophy, deep. We’re professional but not polished; authentic but not stuffy. We believe in old school relationships and new age technology. And we take a human approach to marketing and design, embracing personal experience to view little league orders with the perspective of soccer parents, and church printing jobs with the understanding of Sunday morning risers.

Transitioning from my early career in a smaller company to eight years in the corporate tech sector was enough to remind me that nothing beats the thrill of operating a small business, or the delight of connecting directly with my clients. This was the result: a family-run marketing firm that empowers brands with the tools they need to thrive in a noisy world. Its name? 4Z.

Marc Zimmerman

Marc Zimmerman



Marc Zimmerman


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